Friday, November 5, 2010


Lots of yellow around at the moment, especially down the valley. Shame there's no blue sky to go with it. One tree in particular really stands out...


  1. We have a flame red tree near us which takes my breath away by its colour. Want to say 'Stay like that for another few days so I can drink my fill of you', but every time I see it its redness diminishes. By the way, love that photo up top.

  2. It has surely been a beautiful autumn this year. Lovely photos.

  3. Why don't you paint these scenes, then you can add your own blue sky! Lovely photos.

  4. Diane - Thanks for your comment. Good to know that you and a few others occasionally visit.

    Vera - Brilliant red wild cherry trees are certainly a wonderful sight. Had a couple near us. Now, sadly and all too quickly, the leaves have all blown away.

    Jean - Thanks. Glad you liked the photos.

    Elizabeth - Started painting a red cherry tree out back. Could have cheated and added a blue sky but didn't. Am still working on the dramatic grey clouds with the odd burst of sunshine. Thanks for photo compliment.