Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunny soiree

Rubbish weather recently. Cold, damp and grey. Even had a touch of snow earlier this week. Brightened up a bit yesterday though. So took the mutts up 'the lightning tree' to give 'em a run and catch the sunset. Climbed the hill with its splendid 360 degree views at the top. Warm and gentle breeze. Made a pleasant change. Last time we ambled up there, we were blasted by wind and rain. Still, whatever the weather, it's a great place to just stand and take in the scenery. Dogs seem to quite like it too. Sprock especially. Spends ages digging up molehills. Bites out great chunks of earth in a mad frenzy. Then moves on to another one. Stands there with head tilted to one side watching for signs of activity (occasionally spots a bit of movement as a mole burrows below). Jock quite likes it up there too. Being a shortarse, it's one of the few places where he can see for miles. And he really enjoys the run back downhill.



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