Saturday, October 9, 2010


Amazing weather. Well into October and we've just had three days of blistering sunshine with hardly any clouds. And today's sunnier than ever. Whizzed down to Felletin ce matin to post some bills and stock up on groceries. Took my camera just in case. Normally when I take it there's nothing worth photographing. And when I don't take it, sod's law, there's always something that's worth a shot. I was late of course and only just made the post office and supermarket before they closed for lunch. Driving back through Felletin and heading for home I suddenly noticed lots of red. So I took some snaps. Then stopped off at my fave caff for a quick beer and coffee. And the caff was red too. Never really noticed that before. I must wander around with my eyes shut most of the time. Funny how you start to notice stuff if you stop and make the effort. Even the most mundane things can suddenly become interesting.


  1. I love your photos. Just take it with you at all times will you?!!!!

  2. Thanks Roz. Will do. Keep forgetting though.

  3. Oh that last one made me laugh. So unexpected and dripping with humour. Echoing Roz: keep taking those photos!