Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ambling rambling

Haven't bloggeaued for a bit. Mainly due to Georgie being out here for just over a week so there's been no need (I only really do this bloggeauing lark to keep her updated on this and that out here in the derriere de beyonde - gives my little piranha poisson something to ogle during her brief lunch breaks). She's gone back now though. Flew back Monday. Dogs and I now back in the old routine. And Sprocket's back in his space on the double bed.

While she was here I didn't take any photos. As I said, no need. Anything worth snapping she could see for herself; like a sunset, or view, or burning bonfire in the evening light after a hard day's slog in the garden. However, she'd occasionally remark "ooh, you could put that in your blog". Made me think, what's the point when you're here to see it? Seems daft to assume that anyone else would be interested. And..., while enjoying the simple pleasure of being together, I suddenly thought: why expose your private life to a world of wierdos and total strangers? Bloggeauing's basically bonkers - especially to a hermit recluse comme moi. If it wasn't for Georgie I probably wouldn't do it. Then there'd be more time for plasterboard putting upping. And cleaning. And weeding. And learning French. And learning how to re-plaster walls. Hmm..., on deuxieme thoughts..., think I'll carry on bloggeauing. Which, of course, consists of little other than accounts of boring old dogwalks.

So..., I wandered lonely up the back lane yesterday afternoon with the our two terrible terriers. Stopped at the old granite cross to give thanks for my beloved's safe return to Blighty (and for the safe delivery of my newest great-niece - a 9lb 13oz whopper) while Jock somewhat disrespectfully relieved himself on the cross's base. Chat and apology done, I then headed up the lane that goes through the mushroom wood and dead-ends at the bottom field. No cattle and open gate. Entered field in the shadow of the hill. Very quiet and peaceful. Bit of an overcast soiree though. And a bit damp. Perfect for funghi. Spotted a couple of big 'uns almost without looking. Then noticed Sprocket had his ears pricked towards the wood. Maybe a deer. Maybe a hawk. Or maybe nothing. He charged up the bank to investigate. Jock joined him. Both disappeared into the shadowy undergrowth. Re-emerged about five minutes later, Sprock panting and Jock covered in the usual twigs and burrs.

Headed back. Climbing the lane and facing west, a shaft of sunlight suddenly lit the treetops. Must be a break in the clouds over the ridge. Hung a left into what used to be thick forest until a couple of weeks ago. It's now open ground. Farmer's chopped the trees down for firewood. But a few still remain. Took a snap of the big one with its yellow leaves heralding the arrival of autumn. Looked quite dramatic against the grey sky. Then noticed the sun lighting up the other side of the valley. Looked wonderful. I adore strong evening sunlight. Perfect lighting for painting a view. Trouble is, it doesn't last long. Five or ten minutes at most. Started painting that northerly view recently with piles of newly-sawn logs in the foreground. Then the weather changed. So I had to wait 'til it brightened up again. By which time the farmer had carted off his logs. So I've had to paint 'em out. Now have an empty earth space in the foreground, broken up with just a couple of horizontal treetrunks. Ho-hum. Such is life for an amateur artiste.

Headed back to the homeward track. Still in shadow. Hit the sunlight as we climbed the wooded path. Light blazed through the trees. All rather dramatic. Then turned into the tree tunnel. Cattle in the field on the left. Jock always nips in there and winds 'em up by doing doggy versions of blowing raspberries. Runs like buggeroire when the calves confront him though. All fun and games. Calves are very playful. Probably a bit bored. Same with Jock. Sprocket, however, always likes to keep a safe distance. Barks if they come too close. Fear: something Jock just doesn't have. At least where cattle are concerned. Different story though with thunder and gunfire.

Ah well, there you go, another dogwalk done. Come to think of it, time now for another. Gosh, it's all go. (Click pics to enlarge.)


  1. Great photos, great tale of un jour ordinaire. (You've got me at it now, this mixed language writing.)

    For the sake of nous that enjoys your posts, wierdos evidently, ne give up pas, SVP. !!

  2. Yeah. I'd miss reading about the dog walks. And the photo's. I like reading mostly happy stuff, me.

  3. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated. Reassuring to know that some people apparently enjoy my witterings and ramblings.

  4. Always enjoy your posts and your photos, especially the dogs, they're little characters!