Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunny morning

When Georgie was here a couple of weeks ago, she said neighbour Guy's old blue wagon and novel form of woodshed would make a good photo. Strange, I've seen this sight often enough but never thought of photographing it. Always thought of it as a bit of an eyesore. Looked rather good though in this morning's early sun. So I took a snap. And while I was out there I rattled off a few others, all taken within spitting distance of Chateau Tommo. Binned most of them but kept a few, mainly because of the lighting. Thought I'd load them up while I'm sat here listening to the footy on Radio Five.



  1. Yeap, got some great shots this day...I'm glad I stopped by!

  2. Is the last photo on the right 'Chateau Tommo'? Nice set of photos, and like the idea for the woodshed. I have seen numerous vans parked here and there, most of them still being used although not as vehicles. One farmer uses his old van for moving his cattle to and fro the fields, towing the vehicle behind his tractor like a trailor. Obviously not legal, but no one minds down here.

  3. Aye Vera, 'tis Chateau Tommo. I reckon the French cops would have a field day if they swooped on all the backwoods people who use old vehicles illegally. Neighbour Christian has an old trailer that's held together with rust and woodworm. Regularly tows it full of logs from field to village. Scary.