Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunny evening

It's great up the 'Lightning Tree' walk at the moment. Especially on sunny evenings. Couple of the fields have been recently been mowed so we can get in there for longer walks. The hay from one field has been baled and stacked in a barn somewhere, while the hay from the other one has been baled, wrapped in black plastic sheeting and left in rows by the field gate. There's another cluster of black bales down the bottom field, lined up under some trees. Don't know why some bales are stored unwrapped in barns while others are left outdoors wrapped in plastic. Georgie reckons the 'plastic' bales undergo some kind of fermentation process. Made me think that maybe something in the bales turns to alcohol. Gives the cattle a bit of a 'lift' in winter, especially when it's cold and snowy. Anyway, yes, had a good old walk up there yesterday evening. Had a circuit of the bottom field. Sprocket kept digging for fieldmice. Bites great chunks of earth out as he follows the scent. Gets in a right old frenzy. Jock can't understand what all the fuss is about. Much prefers to just keep trotting at a leisurely pace, occasionally marking a post or tree. Seems to be slowing down a bit nowadays. Must be getting old. Still enjoys his walks though. And so he should. Can't be many places better than this for a dog to go walking. Especially on a sunny September evening.


  1. Nothing like having a wander with the dogs is there Tommo. Haven't done much of that of late, the demands of farm life having robbed us of that pleasure, but have promised myself and the dogs, at least two good walks per week, although with the hunting season due to start we will have to be careful. Do you have much chaisse activity around you?

  2. Yes, they're all hunting mad around here. At week-ends there's always the sound of gunfire echoing up the valleys. Gets more dangerous after lunch, especially Sundays, when they've all had 'a few'. I try and keep my dogs well clear of the action.

  3. Lovely photos. This is a perfect time of year for long walks with the dog.