Thursday, August 19, 2010

Village stroll

Brilliant bit of sunshine last week. Had a feeling it could be the last really hot day of high summer. So I went for a stroll round the hamlet. Took a few snaps including one of Alain's vine. Somewhat surprising to see grapes growing up here, considering it's so cold in winter.

Seeing me snapping his vine, Alain leant out of his window and demanded I come in for a cooling drink. Thought he meant something like an orange juice with ice. Would have been just the job. But by the time I'd entered, Alain had poured a large scotch and ice. Too late to complain. So slugged it down (needed a stiff drink to recover from the shock of seeing that damned animal's head hanging on Alain's lounge wall - keep forgetting it's there) while Alain downed a massive Ricard. Then the chap from up the road joined us (can never remember his name). Had a bit of a natter about how quickly all the 'summer kids' are growing. They're the kids of hamlet family relatives who visit during the holiday month of August. Known them all for five years now. Hardly recognisable from when I first met them. Some of the girls have developed rather impressive chests and young Christopher's now almost as tall as me (which ain't saying much). Also, his sight's obviously improved and he's ditched his specs, so I can no longer call him 'Speccy'. Still as noisy as ever though.

Staggered out of Alain's about half an hour later. Sozzled before 4pm. Tough living up here in the hills. Went for a dogwalk up the lightning tree to recover. Took some more photos (see two earlier posts). Good job these modern cameras have automatic focus.


  1. You have great people around you, Tommo, and I am glad for you that this is so. But as for that dreadful head. Yuk! Gave me the fright just looking at the photo, without having it right infront of me!

  2. Scary head, huh? But Alain's very proud of it. Has pride of place in his lounge. Not sure what wife Colette thinks though.

  3. That head is a bit off putting but as long as Alain is proud of it....... Diane