Saturday, June 5, 2010


After a week or more of unseasonal drizzle and cloud, the sun finally decided to pop out again last Thursday. Would have taken the opportunity to finish off that 'stream' painting I started a couple of weeks ago but, by late afternoon (when the shadows are exactly right), the clouds had returned. Sunny all day yesterday though so I knocked up a quick Thermos of tea and nipped down the stream. Well, when I say "nipped", I really mean "slogged" - there's a one mile drive followed by a quarter mile march carrying easel over shoulder, painting in one hand and two bags of equipment in t'other. Last time, I took the dogs (have to hold Sprock on lead part of the way - tricky with only two hands, both of which are full), but this time I left them at home. Felt a bit guilty. Anyway, got set up and rattled off a couple of hours' paint sploshing. Stopped just before the valley darkened into shadow. Took a couple of snaps, had a couple of fags and teas, packed up (messy business cleaning a palette), trudged off back to the car, drove home, picked up dogs, drove up Pierrefitte way and had a lovely walk in the evening sun. Eventually got home at about nineish. Great, these long sunny evenings.


  1. Love your painting. I have not got your skills but I like to dabble in acrylics from time to time. The time is the problem though! Diane

  2. Tommo, how do you manage to achieve the feeling of movement in your painting? Only somehow you manage to make all your work, or rather, the work you post up here, have such life. And those long sunny evenings, and those even longer sunny days - absolutely great, as you said!

  3. Thanks Diane. And thanks Vera - I suppose if there is any movement or life in my paintings (and it's very kind of you to suggest there is), it's simply as a result of painting on site rather than from photos in a studio.