Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pruning and painting

Just nattered to t'other half sur le telephonio. She asked how le jardin was looking. Told her I'd blog a few snaps. After this lengthy winter and recent frosts I'm surprised anything's survived. But it mostly seems okay. Some bushy things appear a bit dormant but the tulips are out, as are some white daffs (white daffs?! - thought they were supposed to be yellow) and lots of stuff's budding. Did a bit of pruning. Always risky 'cos I know nothing about gardening. Trimmed the tops off the row of bushes down the bottom end of the garden in order to encourage growth lower down. Good theory but probably won't work. Probably killed 'em. Did the same with the mini tree thing (or is it a bush?) growing out of the lawn. Also attacked the rapidly growing bush things that grow out of the old stone wall down the side. Damned triffids force the stones apart and the wall eventually collapses. Cut 'em right back but they're tough blighters so they'll probably grow right back again. Wanted to prune the top half of the apple tree but it's way out of reach. Shame really 'cos it all looks a bit of a mess up there. Maybe I'll try a ladder.

And here's one from ce matin (Tuesday)...

On the subject of greenery (well, pinky-brownery), I had another go at that tree painting yesterday afternoon. Nipped up there with the dogs for a couple of hours. Dogs got a bit bored but I ignored the buggers and soldiered on. Feverishly sploshed paint on canvas knowing that all too soon the leaves will appear and the scene will completely change. Also, there's a chance that the farmer could soon plonk his cows in the field so I may not have another opportunity this year to finish it. Packed up when the light began to fade. Looked at it this morning and it's almost there. Just a couple of tweaks here and there should do it. I'll do them in my studio (studio?! - er, the indoor shed) in the next few days. Next it's the blossom pic I started last year but didn't manage to finish. And then there's the painting I promised to do for neighbour Isabelle of her dad and Wendy the dog, both of whom passed away a few months back.


  1. I do not know who that guy is but he sure can play !

    What sort of trees are you planting?

  2. Lovely 'snapshot' of your day, lovely snapshots of your garden, especially the first one, and nice snapshot of your painting. Hope your paint brush continues to fly across the canvas, and that you continue to post your creations 'cos I enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  3. Dear Dreamer (FoF),

    Garden looks nice. What happens on that nicely tilled space to the left?

    Seasons-wise, I'd say that southern England has overtaken you. Trees that get too big are a pain. This year i've got some cracked branches owing to the severe cold in January - I'll have to pay for some surgery, I think.

    best wishes.../Melrose

    PS The painting captures April's well lit bareness spot on.

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    LadyJ - He's Manitas de Plata (Little Hands of Silver), a Spanish (or French/Spanish?) gipsy guitarist from the Camargue region (I think) who became famous in '60s. Still alive I think. And yes, he sure can play. Er..., am not aware of planting any trees. But may do so soon. Possibly apple. Or cherry. Or whatever t'other half demands.

    Vera - Beaucoups des mercis. Your flattering comments continue to make all the effort of blogging thoroughly worthwhile.

    Melrose - Merci for complimentary remarks. Er..., the nicely tilled space to the left is neighbour Alain's vegetable patch. Probably originally belonged to our shack many moons ago but liberated by socialist revolutionaries due, presumably, to lack of use (how typically French! - I love 'em). Earth was recently ploughed by Didier and his historic tractor. Happens every year. Alain regularly gives us fresh lettuces, spuds, onions etc., all grown on that very patch and enthusiastically watered by Jock (the apparently incontinent Westie). Chuffed you approve the painting.

  5. Oh god , I have gone Nuts! You wrote "tree Painting" --- I read tree Planting!!! LOL

    I need new glasses :)

  6. Ah yes, an easy mistook to make. Makes for far more interesting reading.

  7. Love the garden. Looks very neat and tidy. I have white daffs too, I don't think we need worry about it!!

  8. Never seen white daff's , but hey they sure are pretty and I guess nature has her own way of colouring our world so why not white daffs.

    If my neighbour s want my land in exchange for fresh veg they can have it, sounds like a great exchange.

    Yet another great painting by you.

    much love

  9. Thanks Roz. Unfortunately the well manicured jardin has little to do with moi. Neighbour boy-devil Hadrien mows the lawn and Georgie plants the flowers. I just sit there in the soirees clutching a large scotch and admiring the handiwork of others.

    Lia - Why not white daffs indeed! Makes the place that little bit different. Suits moi. And many thanks for your compliment about the painting. Inspires confidence to knock up another one soon. Well, soonish (run out of canvases).

  10. that sounds fantastic - can I hire them (although I would prefer to sit with a nice glass of chilled sauvignon!!)

  11. Chilled Sauvignon - excellent choice. Mind you, since I've been ici the locals have introduced me to rose (pronounced 'rosay' but I dunno where this damned keyboard has hidden the accents). Always thought it was a nancy girlie drink 'til I saw big butch neighbour Christian quaffing buckets of it with gay abandon. Er..., suddenly thought - is Sauvignon a rosay or a blanc? Just goes to show how little I know about vins.

  12. Just testing. It is, of course, a blanc. Ahem...