Monday, April 12, 2010

Been busyish

Cor blimey, ain't blogged for a bit. Blighty tribal member even phoned up to make sure I was okay. Said I was fine thanks. Been a bit busy with a couple of kiddy book illustration projects. About forty drawings in all. And I still haven't finished. In-between times I occasionally sat down at the jolly old laptop to do a bit of bloggeauing but couldn't think of anything worth scribing about. Seems a bit daft to just go on and on about dogwalking up in the hills. Must drive readers (I presume that's plural) bonkers with boredom. Mind you, have to admit it keeps me amused - what with the dogs, the cows, those glorious wide open vistas and the sheer joy of observing at close hand the ever-changing weather and seasons.

Talking of the changing seasons, spring definitely seems to have sprung. Dandelions are popping up all over le magasin and the boy-devil Hadrien appeared yesterday on Christian's mini-tractor lawn mowery thingy to cut the rapidly growing grass. Sun's now passed its halfway point of moving up the horizons at sunrise and sunset so it now rises behind the church and sets just to the side of the house, leaving the front in shadow. Doesn't get dark 'til well past nineish. Such a relief to have longer days back again. Took a couple of snaps of shadows across le jardin at dawn and sunset, plus another from yesterday when the valleys had mist and we had sun.

Still haven't had a chance to finish off that tree painting I started some time ago. Went up there a couple of evenings ago just to check that the farmer hadn't moved one of his herds into the field. Luckily he hadn't - they're still grazing further up. So maybe I'll be able to attempt to finish it off later this week. Mind you, sod's law, you can bet your boots that when I get up there with canvas, easel, paints, brushes and Thermos, that field will be full of cattle merrily noshing fresh grass. In which case I could of course ignore them and get stuck in but cows are notoriously nosey and they'd be round me in next to no time, sniffing, nudging and opining that the colours are wrong and I haven't done that bit quite right. Then there's the worry that the single bull might see me as a threat to his wives and kids. Oo-er. Might have to finish it next year. Talking of which, I started a blossomy painting last year but didn't finish it due to heavy rain. By the time the rain had finished (lasted about a week), the blossom had gone. Could soon be a good time to have another bash at finishing it. Went down there last week for a quick look. Trees are just starting to bud but they look a lot taller. All looks very different. Still, at least there are no cows there.

Crikey, look at the time. Better get on with those kiddy illustrations.


  1. Love the pics, particularly the doggy ones. cracking!x

  2. Ta Roz. Couple of cuties eh?