Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Totally confused

Makes a pleasant change to have sunny evening dogwalks back again. Last couple of soirees we've hopped in the dogwagon and driven up the 'lightning tree' area to have an amble around and catch the sunsets before returning home for supper. There's a small herd of cattle up there. White ones. Five or six cows, one bull and about ten playful young 'uns. They're a timid bunch and mainly keep their distance. However, they're fascinated by Jock. Because he's white they seem to think he's one of their own so curiosity overcomes fear and one or two of the braver ones come right up to the fence to check him out. Totally confused. Similarly, Jock seems to think they're rather big Westies so, unlike Sprocket, he doesn't run away and start barking. Leads to some interesting confrontations.


  1. I love the new header photo.

    Jock is so cute, what a fab photo that first one is of him and the cow/bull.

    He is a very brave little dog going up to such a big animal.

    I'm with Sprocket on the standing back looking at them, but that's 'cos I was chased by cows as a kid.

    much love

  2. Thanks Lia. Glad you like the photo(s). Couldn't fail with that subject matter and lighting. Had to be quick though.

    Jock is fearless. Got him into trouble with a couple of hunting dogs a while back. But he's recovered now. Just as aggressive as ever.