Thursday, March 25, 2010


Having focused attention on Jock the Westie in this blog quite a bit recently, it's only fair to redress the balance by posting a few snaps of Sprocket the Patterdale. Never heard of this breed? - neither had I before buying him. Apparently Patterdales are named after a village in the Lake District where the Lakeland terrier was crossbred with some other terrier mutt (probably a Staffordshire bull terrier, though it could have been a sabre-toothed tiger) to produce the perfect burrowing-animal killing machine. Basically, they're hunters. And enthusiastic diggers. And nearly always black - though Sprock's obviously brown (or red, as doggy experts define it). Far as I know, they're not recognised by Cruft's or the Kennel Club (or whatever the official governing dogs' body is). Unsurprisingly, they have an enthusiastic following with a few tribes of mental retards in the American backwoods (ever seen the film 'Deliverance'?) who keep gangs of them for poaching and (illicit?) badger hunting. Had I known all this beforehand, I may well not have have bought the brute. But I did. So that's it. Lumbered.

Unlike Jock he doesn't come across as being cute and cuddly, he's aggressive towards other dogs (but not bitches) so he has to be kept on a lead most of the time (he escaped once and beat the living daylights out of Tommy, the hamlet's 'boss' dog) and he has a horribly unattractive bald tail (the result of microscopic bugs buggering up his hair follicles as a pup at the run-down kennels where he was born). But despite all that I think he's fab. Absolutely adorable. And he's a bright spark. Damned intelligent. Coochie, coochie, coo.


  1. Nice to meet Sprocket properly! What would we do with ourselves if we didn't have our doggy friend to take us out for walks and cosy up to us when we are feeling low. The world would be a dreadfully dark place without them....

  2. Well I think he is adoreable. And you know sometimes the dogs most people dont want make man the best friend. Exm the pitbull. Yours does look so noble

  3. Yep, I see the Staff in him. Mine is half Staff too and he has some set of teeth on him. He's just about seven months old and as soon as the baby teeth fell out, they were replaced with these crazy, sharp, curved daggers.
    Love the first photo :-)

  4. Please please please can I have Sprocket, I want him for my very own.

    The great big fur ball has one of the cheekiest faces I have ever seen on a dog.

    I want a Sprocket of my very very own now, if you ever get fed up with him, shout out and I will have him. Of course if he ever goes missing it's not me who has stolen him, honest really would I do that to a friend!!!!!!!!

    much love and a huge hug for Sprocket

  5. Thanks all for your comments. Suffice it to say that I really do consider it a privilege to have Sprocket (and Jock) for company. As Vera says, the world would be a dreadfully dark place without our canine chums. And, sorry Lia, I don't think I'll be getting rid of Sprock in the forseeable future. As they say, a dog is for life, not Christmas!

  6. I have actually heard of patterdales - a friend had one. He was a cocky little sausage but adorable too, but then they all are to us owners aren't they?!!

  7. Bonjour Roz. You're one of the very few people I know of that's heard of the Patterdale breed. Yup, they certainly are cocky little sausages. And, judging by Sprocket, their cockiness doesn't diminish with age. Maaaan, is he a handful.