Thursday, February 18, 2010

Terrorist? Moi?

Assumed vertical at 5.20am yesterday (Wednesday). That's 4.20 in UK. Dark, cold and still snowy. Hit the road with the two mutts at 6.30 and headed off for Limoges airport via the kennels at Lauriere. Road seemed a bit wet. But it wasn't. Black ice. Had a couple of hairy slides on the way downhill. Lucky not to slide down the forested slopes, ending upside down and bereft of life in the river valley just a couple of minutes from home. Slowed down. Took things easy. Eventually arrived at Lauriere around 8.40. Dropped dogs off. Hate it when they look at you knowing they won't be seeing you for quite some time. Took off from Limoges at around 11 after usual probs with numerous metallic objects associated with kilt in that damned metal detector door thingy. I mean, if you're a terrorist would you wear a kilt?! Anyway, landed Stansted, bussed to Victoria, trained to Putney, legged it to flat, had kip and teas. Georgie and Donnie turned up at around 7.30ish after work. Georgie with baaaad chesty cough/cold. Could be the one Christian gave me a couple of weeks ago. And I passed on to Georgie on the way back from Scotland last week. Oh dear.

Awoke early ce matin. Convinced Georgie she was too ill to go to work. So she stayed in bed all day. Nipped out and stocked up on cough stuff, orange juice, bread and fruit. Put myself in charge of doing supper. Georgie suggested ready meals from the local Sainsbury's. Looked at the prices and decided agin it. Being a bohemian hermit recluse from the mist-shrouded hills of the Limousin backwoods, I've long lost the habit of convenience food. So, decided to knock up one of my spag Bols, followed by fresh fruit and accompanied by a cheeky little Cotes du Rhone. Bol now done. Spag awaiting arrival of Donnie after a hard day's slog.

Tomorrow morning, all being well, the three of us will be heading north in Don's wee Peugeot for Lincolnshire. Aiming to attend niece's wedding on Saturday. Should be a good 'do'.

Ooh, Don's just arrived. Better get that spag done.


  1. I do hope you all have a wonderful time and that "G" is feeling better.
    Much love

  2. Thanks very muchly. G appears to be on mend. Have heard rumours of snow...