Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, new blog

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new. This marks the end of my old blog (and, hopefully, the end of being heckled by an anonymous saddo - two years or more of his snidey comments was quite long enough) and the beginning of this one. Somewhat surprisingly I'm typing with a clear head, thanks to seeing in the New Year with nothing stronger than a cup of tea. Had a bottle of champagne on standby in the fridge but when midnight arrived I couldn't be arsed to open it. Decided to save it for when Georgie next visits.

Started off the New Year this morning by giving the dogs a good long walk out in the back tracks and fields. All very grey and sleety. And deathly quiet. Stopped at the hilltop to take in the view but there wasn't one, just a mass of grey. Despite the bleakness of it all, I thought how lucky I am to be able to walk in such an unspoilt environment where I can breathe fresh air and experience the joys of winter in splendid isolation.

Standing cold and wet with sleet stinging slitted eyes that squint blindly into swirling mists may not be everybody's idea of fun but I certainly enjoy it. And so do the dogs. Good to return home though to a welcoming hot stove and a nice cup of tea.


  1. Hello! Glad you are still around. Loved getting news of rural France even if I didn't comment that often.
    Happy New year !

    xxxx S

  2. hah, that comment link is a bit misty and faint - didn't spot it at first. Anyway, sorry you've been driven away from I found this site much easier to link through to than your previous exile.

    That stone cross looks a bit unsound to me - rather like my efforts at metal work at school. I definitely think the dog could be asking for trouble.

    it's brilliantly sunny here (first time this week).

    Happy New Year../Melrose

  3. Melrose - Well spotted. That old granite cross is indeed a bit rickety. Toppled off its plinth and broke in two a couple of months back. Farmer mayor and his lad glued and cemented it back together again. Now back in action. I visit it most days for a chat.

  4. Hello to you on your new blog. I hope that you get a way from the problem person here.

    Happy New Year

    Garden Girl

  5. You know you really should have a word with the dog, only he may not get to heaven if he keeps up that behaviour towards the cross, lol.
    I too had a bottle of champagne in the fridge, but like you couldn't be arsed to open it. It really didn't seem like a good reason to open it.
    The world goes mad,as if when we all wake up in the morning life and the world will never be the same. Instead I watched everyone around me get drunk and all I wanted to do was go to bed.
    Well lets hope we both find a reason to open our bottles soon.
    Much love

  6. ...may not be everybody's idea of fun...
    sure not. We like it too - nevertheless we return to near Munich in a month or so, to be nearer to the daughter and grand-children. They argued that 200 km to the grand-parents are to far away. It is not center of town but 20 min by sub, and the surroundings are acceptable even not rural.

    To your new blog, I preferred the - system, which gives the possibility to insert copies and fotos in comments. As I use for my french blog, I was forced to take too for my german blog to be able to maintain the name, and I regret there too the failing possibility.
    Have a good year

  7. Thanks for all your comments. Much appreciated. Unfortunately it appears to be impossible to respond directly and individually on this blogsite, unlike the previous one.

  8. Hello...I was curious to see who was peeking in at my blog so I came and had a peek at yours (as in I'll show you mine etc). French France eh? You were brave to up sticks. I'd like the blackness of the night there...street lights here drive me crazy, why so many?

  9. Sandra, thanks for visiting my bloggeau. Hmm, maybe not so much 'brave' to up sticks, more like 'irresponsibly impulsive'. Still, we made it. How well I remember those ghastly orange street lights back in the UK. Blotted out the beauty of starry skies. We have a few street lamps out here in the hamlet but they're actually very useful, especially when staggering back from the neighbour's after dinner.