Monday, January 4, 2010

Had a bit of snow last night

Fresh snow. Love it. Great for dogwalking round the forest out the back. It's always quiet and calm up there but this afternoon, with a blanket of snow deadening sound, it seemed more so. Quite by chance I heard a ditty on the radio this evening by my fave Glasgow combo Camera Obscura (ooh, I luuurve that wee singer Tracyanne Campbell!) which, for me, evoked that very same haunting atmosphere. Couldn't hear the words but I presume they describe emotional angst of some kind. Despite that possibility, I rather like it. Give it a listen and think of walking through a snowy forest with a couple of bouncy terriers. (Note Jock in the above photo rolling in the snow as usual - he's the little dot in the middle distance.)

1 comment:

  1. Looks lovely, hope you got out in it and made snow angels and a snow man/woman/person lol and then went home to a roaring fire.
    Much love