Thursday, January 7, 2010

A few paintings

Dabbled in painting as a pre-Dip student at Folkestone Art School back in '64. Gouache paintings, not oils (couldn't afford 'em). Then gave it up and went off to study graphic design (big mistake) at Bath, Canterbury and the RCA. Didn't pick up a paintbrush again until last year when I tried my hand at painting in oils (still can't afford 'em). Although my efforts are rubbish, I rather enjoy it. Think I'm slowly getting the hang of this oil painting lark but I could be wrong. Have loaded up pics (earliest first and most recent last) just to see if any progress has been made. Hmm, obviously not much! Blossom pic (halfway down list) isn't finished 'cos the blossom disappeared before the work was completed. Hope to finish it this spring. And the last painting isn't finished either. Not happy with the foreground shadows (too heavy) so am working on it indoors from memory and a photo. This is the only time I've not worked from 'real life', or whatever it's called. Much prefer working in the great outdoors. But it's a bit too chilly at the moment.


  1. Thank you for renewing connection, Tommo. Love your paintings - they have more than a hint of Van Gogh about them, but perhaps that's the landscape influence. Can't believe you hadn't picked up a paint brush in all those years - you're obviously a natural.
    love Bathole

  2. Thanks Bathole. You would not belieeeeve how encouraging your comments are. And thanks for pointing out the van Gogh similarity. I shall immediately instruct my solicitor to warn the little one-eared fruitcake about copying my style. (Actually, have to admit that when I saw his stuff recently in the National Gallery I was hugely impressed by his bold, colourful brushstrokes, lack of fear and speedy dabbing. Gave it a try and found it positively liberating. Fear of 'going wrong' can be stifling. Long way to go but I'm working on it.)