Friday, January 15, 2010

Coloured snow

With all this snow the landscape's been bereft of colour for quite some time. So I've been fiddling with a few photos in this here computery system thingy and hey presto - colour! 'Course, it's all a bit late now because the snow's started melting (I have a very wet loo and shower room floor to prove it - must be something to do with the higher ground level at the side of the house ever since the council workers installed our new external water supply piping) and the colour's gradually returning. Well, a bit. Anyway..., snow. In glorious colour... (Am trying to figure out how to load photos in horizontal rows instead of a single vertical one. This new site takes a bit of getting used to.)


  1. Great piccies, especially the first and the last ones. I had a play on Photoshop when trying to organise my book cover and came up with some truly weird and wonderful graphics, none of which were any use. So I fetched up with doing a twiddle with Word autoshapes instead!
    Am intrigued as to the appearance of the water in your house since those council workers did their work. Did you write a blog about it?

  2. Good moaning Vera. Yes, I wrote a blog about the waterworks in my previous bloggy thing. However, that was before I realised the downstairs loo and shower room would (apparently) get flooded every time it rained or the snow melted. Clearly something's not quite right but I dunno what. I presume the new higher ground outside has crucially raised the water table. Might have to dig it down to a lower level when my plumber continues with new bathroom installation and connection to existing waste pipe system. Blogged about that too. They're both (almost) interesting stories but hardly worthy of repeating here. Been there, done that.

  3. I know how you feel. I tend not to want to revisit old blogs. Like you say: 'been there, done that!' Hope you don't have too much water seepage.

  4. Hi,

    The Coucuil work could have created some kind of underground dam. I hope it gets sorted soon. Will you be able to get the authorities to sort it? It seems to me you have a good case. I love the pictures, especially the blue one (no. 4).

    Keep posting; the winter weather seems to have caused creativity to crash among my blog friends.